Hello, Sunshine!

Hi dears,

I never knew it was so hard to open a new blog. WordPress is so picky with the passwords! And has to verify so many things before letting a new user sign up. (Was it always like that..?!) I don’t remember because I have stuck with the same username and Blogspot for so long, but I decided to open a new one.

I created this new blog because I wanted to write about my flowering life as a lolita in Vancouver, BC. I have a long way to go, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to represent the fashion as best I can. 

To those of you who don’t know or aren’t familiar with lolita, please don’t confuse it with cosplay. We are not dressing up as any specific character or costume; lolita fashion is a subculture & alternative fashion with distinguishable elements. Lolita originates from Japan and draws on styles from the Victorian era and Rococo period.

For my style, I would place it somewhere between sweet and casual (otome-kei), because I am a tad lazy to always put my best foot forward… But, like a great local lolita said to me earlier in the week, “A lolita can’t be lazy!”

Ever since I started investigating lolita/otome fashion in 2012 my love for it has slowly grown. I hope to become even better in the future… In the meantime, enjoy your stay at my blog~~ I hope I can meet new friends who share my passion.