Cutsew Casual

Hello, all! Today’s lolita entry is about cutsews… and how useless I think they are. Now, I know some lolita will definitely disagree with me, so bear in mind this is my experience with cutsews in my own wardrobe.

The word cutsew comes from “cut and sewn”, and they are basically like fancy t-shirts used for casual lolita, otome style, and layering under dresses or over skirts. People who wear lolita for a daily basis who want to have a more toned-down appearance may opt for a cutsew rather than a blouse.

The reasons why I don’t prefer cutsews are A) I don’t really wear skirts and B) I’m not too keen on casual lolita even though I am a fan of otome-style. Below is a nifty diagram for those people who might not be too sure of the difference between the two:

I always picture casual lolita in my head like the image below (but maybe it’s because I love Honey Cake, haha). Note the striped cutsew the model is wearing:


Although I would not mind wearing a nice ETC cutsew with shorts or leggings, I don’t see myself ever doing the cutsew + skirt combination some gals do. In fact, I rarely even do blouse + skirt; I always seem to buy jumperskirts or one-pieces, simply because it’s easier that way and I think everything looks more put together.

I also think that for layering, a cardigan or bolero looks more classy and lady-like than a cutsew.

What do you think? Are you a gal who wears cutsews? Maybe you can give me pointers on how to coordinate them without looking too casual, because I feel the whole point of lolita is to look elegant and glamourous, or at least beautiful/pretty-perfect cute like a doll or princess. Having a cutsew casual  version of lolita never really sat well with me — it’s like lazy lolita! And in lolita fashion, it’s called Elegant Gothic Lolita for a reason. Don’t you think? 



Hello, Sunshine!

Hi dears,

I never knew it was so hard to open a new blog. WordPress is so picky with the passwords! And has to verify so many things before letting a new user sign up. (Was it always like that..?!) I don’t remember because I have stuck with the same username and Blogspot for so long, but I decided to open a new one.

I created this new blog because I wanted to write about my flowering life as a lolita in Vancouver, BC. I have a long way to go, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to represent the fashion as best I can. 

To those of you who don’t know or aren’t familiar with lolita, please don’t confuse it with cosplay. We are not dressing up as any specific character or costume; lolita fashion is a subculture & alternative fashion with distinguishable elements. Lolita originates from Japan and draws on styles from the Victorian era and Rococo period.

For my style, I would place it somewhere between sweet and casual (otome-kei), because I am a tad lazy to always put my best foot forward… But, like a great local lolita said to me earlier in the week, “A lolita can’t be lazy!”

Ever since I started investigating lolita/otome fashion in 2012 my love for it has slowly grown. I hope to become even better in the future… In the meantime, enjoy your stay at my blog~~ I hope I can meet new friends who share my passion.